Noise Pollution by People in Lebanon ( ^ Reduce Your Car Beeps to Reduce Noise Pollution)


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People in Lebanon can reduce noise polluition in the country by reducing their car beeps!!! They honk more than they drive!!! They can do something about noise pollution...


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Coming for a visit this week, I was thinking exactly the same...
On top of all the heat, the traffic and the dust, the most annoying is by far the excessive noise on the street.
it's unbearable

My Moria Moon

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In happiness and in sadness, there's always frustration in the air… tej3eer, sareekh w 3ayeet everywhere.. For us to have the manners and keep it quiet and civilized in traffic, we need to be in a completely different state of mind. Ma fi Harmony. But then if there was, we'd belong to a whole different league of folks.

The way things are, our noise reflects not only how we perceive the world around us, but also what we'd like to do about it: bang it and squeeze it under our boots, until it starts screaming and shouting back at us, so we know we did hurt it severely.. just the way it constantly hurts us.. we think.