October 17 Revolution [Breaking: subsidies lifted - implosion next?]

What do you think will happen next, after Hariri's resignation?

  • Stalemate - No govt will be formed

    Votes: 44 51.8%
  • New mini-government of specialists will be formed in less than 10 days

    Votes: 21 24.7%
  • Similar government with Hariri PM again

    Votes: 15 17.6%
  • Civil War

    Votes: 25 29.4%

  • Total voters


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Fourth and fifth-year medical students at the Lebanese University (LU) are boycotting their exams in solidarity with a student who was banned from taking his exam because of a social media post.

The student, Hadi Shammaa, was prohibited from entering the exam hall after he criticized the Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Dr. Youssef Fares, in a post on social media.

Shammaa accused the dean of exploiting the students’ research and forcing students to add his son’s name to their research, according to the LU Secular Club.
In response, the dean set up a disciplinary committee against Shammaa and allegedly threatened him by sending someone to hit him and his sister.

The dean then used his authority to postpone Shammaa’s exams, the LU Secular Club explained in a statement.
the dean responded by threatening to fail all those who boycotted their exams.

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