October 17 Revolution

What do you think will happen next, after Hariri's resignation?

  • Stalemate - No govt will be formed

    Votes: 42 51.2%
  • New mini-government of specialists will be formed in less than 10 days

    Votes: 21 25.6%
  • Similar government with Hariri PM again

    Votes: 15 18.3%
  • Civil War

    Votes: 24 29.3%

  • Total voters


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"Into jeyeen teskaro w neswen..."

The main reason Is that those guys didn' pass by the tourist office to pay the hiking taxes .. Beside getting beaten and kiked is part of the wild survival experience program ..
Labbayka khamenei , nature hiking lover


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"Into jeyeen teskaro w neswen..."
Those 3 attackers were implementing 3aych muchtarak m3 l kufar.....:lol:
But if someone talks about federalism bc we dont want to live wiz such animals.... Berri and all the watanjieh become upset


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7aram Giselle Khoury... fa2ira badda t'hejir :/
W haydeek el tenyeh is a business owner...

I love it when the well-off complain about the dire situation. What would they say about poor families who can't even feed their children berghoul?

Arraftouna bil raw7a 3a Canada. I'm thinking of applying to Tonga or Vanuatu ta ma shoufkon.



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lebanon agiculture is not the problem ,
since most of its land is in the process..
the problem is thelack of industry ,investment and the banks mafia ..


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Ralph N

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No he didn't. He signed a surrender agreement after losing the war. He lost the war after your fake general destroyed the Christian military capability through his two destructive wars. What the f*** do you want Geagea to do at that point? Your general will go down as not only the worst president in the history of this country, but also the worst political leader the Christians have ever had. You sold Lebanon to Syria and Iran for the sake of the chair. How dare you speak? Bury your head and ask for forgiveness until you die. It's the least you can do. And yet your appointed leader is busy destroying what's left of this country for his petty self-interest, and y'all clapping.

The funniest thing I've ever read on this forum: FPMers calling for partition or federalism. Jayinli 40 years later calling for partition or federalism? Where were you ya ekhwat lshartouta when these things were feasible. Esh7ado federalism mnil shi3i tashouf. Don't forget to say "yes massa" while you're at it ?.

When are you leaving keserwan? You are occupiers. Thought I'd remind you what your 7alif thinks of you.
Yi habibi sorry ataltelak bayyak w emmak w settak w ekhtak w 3ardak ghtassabtelak yeha, w nssit shou kamen.. sorry eh ?