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October 17 Revolution

What do you think will happen next, after Hariri's resignation?

  • Stalemate - No govt will be formed

    Votes: 40 50.6%
  • New mini-government of specialists will be formed in less than 10 days

    Votes: 20 25.3%
  • Similar government with Hariri PM again

    Votes: 15 19.0%
  • Civil War

    Votes: 23 29.1%

  • Total voters

:lol:ثورة فوفو​
Shou Kelloun Ye3ni #awniyi w bass. Go and read the history of these Gemayels when in the presidency. They created Jumbo and Berri La2annou ma biyenta2ou. Jarassouna. mbisit .. The only reason he can walk there is his wife is a Triploian Sinni. God bless them .. Malla thawra.

Easy he sold every principle his family (except his father the traitor) fought for


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ابتداء من اول الاسبوع سوف تبدأ المستشفيات اعتماد الدولار ٣٩٥٠ ليرة ذلك يعني انهيار القوة الشرائية للمواطنين والجهات الضامنة كذلك سوف يوءدي الى زيادة اسعار بوليسة التامين ثلاثة اضعاف الملخص هو كارثة صحية