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On Hezbollah and Recent Events...

Southern Lebanese

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joseph_lubnan said:
What matters above all is the well being of Lebanon and its people.
Lebanon needs to clean house and consolidate its control on security within the country. This cannot happen with many factions still holding weapons outside the national army and security departments. All weapons must be removed from Hizbullah and the palestinians. All arguments against cleaning the weapons issue are not in the best interest of Lebanons. Anyone that beleives otherwise is either naive, brainwashed or worse working against the stability and prosperity of Lebanon.

In my opinion Hizbullah can support a gov or withdraw and is entitled to have his opinions and act upon them. What Hizbullah is not entitled to have is arms. not even a single bullet.

Thanks, this shows me a lot. So everyone believing other than you think is either "naive, brainwashed or working against the instability of Lebanon"! I am one that believes in something other than you think. I am not a Hizb supporter or member. And I (the brainwashed or the naive or ...) am not ready to talk with you with your logic. So believe me, if we have people like you making discussions with Hizb leaderships, these discussions will be over by now because Hizb does not respect people (like you) that do not respect them. GOT IT.

And to answer you with my naive logic Mr Joseph, you can impose a good security system without taking Hizb arms because the only place Hizb is making security measures is to protect his leadership (ONE BLOCK IN DAHIE and around the house of his leaders in south or in Beckaa LIKE EVERY OTHER LEADER IN LEBANON). The rest of his arms are at the border. So instead of hiding behind your finger and blaming the Hizb on these security failures, see what is the real problem as General Aoun said and come and talk to me with another tone. Oh, I forgot, I am working for the insecurity of Lebanon maybe. Get Over It.


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achaaban said:
The seats that Hezbollah and Amal hold in the Parliament are called the Shiites seats, so in the Lebanese system of government which is not a democracy, the Shiites (100% of them) are represented by the Shiite who wins those seats in the government. Hezbollah and Amal in Lebanon represents all the Shiites, since they did win all the Shiite seats in the Parliament.

What kind of logic is this??

They won all the seats in Parliament because of the electoral law which ensures that they will win all the seats, especially in the South!

Like I said before, the Hezbollah/Amal list in 2000 got 50% of the votes, that means that the other 50% is not represented by those 2 groups. I am sure the same goes for the election we just had.

So your way of thinking is flawed. They don't represent all Shiites, never have, and never will. They are all there because of the PSP/FM combination whose only concern back then was to dominate us. By doing so, they gave Hezbollah/Amal artificial strength, and we are facing the conaequences of that right now.

Hezbollah's nationalist credentials are coming into doubt, when they only attack Israel, but support Syria, the country that is sending us death and destruction at the moment. Great!! :mad: