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Parliamentary elections 2018 Oroom Official Elections 2018 Predictions

Please select the district(s) for which you can provide educated guesses on elections results

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4 maten
4 kesewern/jbeil
2 chouf/aley
3 beirut1
1 baabda
2 chouf/aley
1 north ( not considering michel moawad)
1 jezzine

18 confirmed

1 maten
1 keserwen/jbeil
1 chouf/aley
1 beirut I
1 north ( not considering michel moawad)
1 akkar
1 beirut II
1 jezzine
1 Baabda
zahleh? west bekaa? beirut 2? marjeyoun?
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    Ralph N

    Well-Known Member
    Hey guys How are you.. Congrats to FPM.. and as I predicted the number will be from twenty four to thirty four for FPM alliances, when other members predictions was less then 22 ...

    I also know what happened in maten and ashrafiye and as I predicted Hagop Pakradounian lost from 2000 to 3000 Tashnag votes because of his mistakes in fact I was able to work on the shift. Because the Hagop trend damaged a lot the people living in that area .. And the very low votes in the beirut 1 and the armenian shift towards paula was because of this mistakes.. Hope they learned their lessons...
    If paula was able to get one MP in Ashrafiye it means Tashnag are ZERO in popularity... And they are losing their control...

    My numbers were approx correct... Many many many Armenians gave their votes for FPMers and not Hagop..


    Tashnag should have had around 12k votes but they received only around 9k...by Pakradounians confession...he doesnt know what happened but he should know...
    I told you hagop may win but he will lose 2-3 k votes and that is exactly what happened...

    I predicted the FPM will be from twenty four to thirty four and the minimum number for now is twenty six mp for FPM...

    Still we have some undecided mp...hope we get few more of them..

    Good luck to us all.. Go Gebran you are the true Hero..

    Our fight now is against Berri...

    lets dance...

    Ah and one more thing... Jamil el Sayed was #1 in his district...

    Ralph N

    Well-Known Member
    I said on Friday or Thursday << There are Surprises>>

    Jumblat will be the biggest loser...

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