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OTV evolution...


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I agree with you. That's exactly how I used to feel about her attitude but her first show with Al-Jadeed is impressive. I hope she doesn't end up fighting with her weird husband and end up in a divorce. Nothing worse than living and working together face to face especially when you are not on the same wavelength.
Check out her vireo above. I can tell she's genuine...
I dont think she fits with her husband and have a feeling divorce is inevitable

Joe Lebanon

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Who watches OTV anyway! I don’t even have OTV or Al Manar programmed on my tv. They both sound like North Korean state tv!


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Very professional handling of the question on her part despite him trying to pull her into the mud.
I think she’s the boss and I’m happy for her! He’s the weakest link. He barks but can’t bite.
He exposed himself when he admitted personal frustration and he would like to emigrate outside Lebanon which explains his extremism and nasty behavior in his show. He needs attention but his wife is the one stealing the show…