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Palestinians exchanging the LEBANESE flag with the palestinian one in Nahr el Bered

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As I said, it was different. Palestinian Organizations had harmed our people so much that we had every right to harm their's. Loss of civilian life is always bad, but it is hard to feel sympathetic for Palestinians because they had been doing what we did to them for years. Last year, Hezbollah caused little civilian casualties in Israel, but Israel caused many in Lebanon, and that was not justified.

So you support Israel bombing Lebanon but they over did it shwayi you are saying?

So they should have only focused on destroying Hizballah?


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You don't hold arms pointed at somes head and ask him to start building trust, do you? You, guest, me, unarmed, how are you supposed to build trust with your host, when the mere mentioning of your name and armed presence reminds him of the horrors you did him? Disarm, guest, that is your first duty. What comes next will abide by the conventional procedure between guest and host.

That would be ideal but we need to be realistic that things will not go down that path without blood being spilled. We need to find a way to build trust between us.

How do we achieve this?


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What's happening? Now HA's coming into the thread :D Who next???

Keep up the good work, nice reading all of you.


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Shangleesh & YouAreAnArmenian

tneinetkon adrab min ba3dkon...

one wont recognize the sabra & shatila massacre, the other wont recognize the Damour, share2 Saida, Chouf... massacres

one will defend the Palestinians no matter what, the other wants to exterminate them...

and both of you think that you are right, and that you hold the ultimate truth...

wake up and smell the coffee...

the coin has 2 sides...

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