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Paying in $ for an apartment still under construction

Murder he wrote

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$200 in fresh money = $200 x 7,500 L.L. = 1,500,000 L.L.
$200 in your local account = $200 x 3,900 L.L. = 780,000 L.L.

Doesn't it make more sent to use your fresh dollars? You can boost your purchasing power and still be able to save some of your money.
Not really because you cannot get your money from the banks and you never know if you will ever get them. However, every 2 months or so, I am buying a $2000 cheque for $760 in cash.

- $760 x 7500 = 5.7m
- $2000 x 3,900 = 7.8m

So saving your cash, getting cheques, withdrawing them at 3900 is much better. I don't see why you should spend your $ in your hands while keep your money at the bank, knowing that maybe in 3-5 years you might be able to get them again WITH Capital control (like $2000/month). Or whatever.