People are awesome


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I m not sure if everyone has seen the "People are awesome" videos on youtube.. i ll be posting some compilations daily.. feel free to add any videos you would like that ARE NOT related to talent or music.. just skills, sports and daring stunts that underline how awesome and challenging people can be..

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  • kalel

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    This is some scary balls of steel..


    Jamie Pierre is the world record holder for the highest cliff jump of 78m without a parachute or wingsuit.. when he jumped off he reached terminal velocity.. they had to dig him out of the snow and then he continued skiing after the fall..

    Sadly, he died in an avalanche late in 2011..

    Dark Angel

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    it does not matter how courageous one is, if that courage is not invested in the right cause it is all in vain. the anonymous tienanmen guy will remain a legend.