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PM Moustafa Adib Government formation 2020 [M. Adib resigns amid impasse]


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How come when it comes to sectarian demand, HA uses the political cover, but when it comes to fighting corruption, suddenly, HA becomes teethless

Political posts are obtained through parliament and the cabinet, after elections and alliances and votes.

Fighting corruption requires legal action and legal hearing. When someone is found guilty of corruption, it requires a judge to declare him guilty and sentence him. Only a judge has the legal authority to do that.


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HA interfering in politics and supporting a sectarian demand while carrying weapons...

When HA asked to interfere to fight corruption, it is nowhere to be found

Is it enough or do FPM need to show more redemption acts in order to get your forgiveness?


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20:04 - جنبلاط: ‏من الأفضل لأديب التواصل مع الأفرقاء السياسيين لكن يبدو ‏أنه هناك من ينصحه بعدم المضي بهذا الاتجاه ‏۔
20:03 - جنبلاط: هناك رأي عام في الحزب التقدمي الإشتراكي ولدى الدروز ضد المشاركة في الحكومة
20:02 - جنبلاط: لا أراهن على الإنتخابات الأميركية والمبادرة الفرنسية آخر فرصة وهي محاولة إنقاذ لبنان بجره إلى محادثات جدية مع صندوق النقد وإجراءات إجتماعية تعطي 50% من اللبنانيين شيء من الأمل
20:00 - جنبلاط : لا أميركا ولا إيران تريدان حكومة والعقوبات الأميركيّة لم تضعف حزب الله بل لبنان وأقول للشيخ قبلان "مش وقتها" أن يطالب بتغيير الطائف وأقول الأمر نفسه للبطريرك الراعي
19:59 - جنبلاط : اتصلت بالحريري من باريس ولم يكن الاتصال إيجابيّاً وبري قال لي إنّ هناك ضغطاً عليه بالنسبة لإبقاء وزارة الماليّة مع الطائفة الشيعيّة
19:57 - وليد جنبلاط للـ"أم تي في": ليس للرئيس عون الحق أن يشكل هذا الجو للبنانيين وإذا كان البعض يريد إرساء عرف جديد فأنا ضد وهذا النظام وضعه العثمانيون وحاول كمال جنبلاط تغيير سلميا فاندلعت حربا
So, those who are blaming HA/amal for their position, you really want to have a government dictated solely by Saad/French? :) you truly think such government would be our saviour?


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You didn’t answer the question. Can the leader of Hezbollah be a non-Shiite? Would Shiites allow such a thing?

How can the leader of a Shiite religious party be a Maronite? Your analogy is stupid. Lebanon is for all Lebanese. Political parties could be religious, fascist, nationalistic, secular etc. Some political parties are not for everyone. That doesnt mean though religious party cant be nationalistic and ally with other parties.
You are in denial, or assuming we are gullible for believing your version.

Nassrallah said many times, he will attack from lebanon if iran is in danger, or if iran is attacked. It is very obvious that the iranian shiite axis has been militarily working in harmony across the middle east. Mish qasmeen.
Suleimani also used to visit his allies in lebanon, without even informing, or meeting anyone in the lebanese govt. Unless he was on vacations.

I do not give a total f*ck what you believe.

I'm giving my opinion, I am not here to change minds.

You want to believe the Iranian puppet narrative? be my guest.