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1- do they work?
2- byejo extra toom extra kabis?
1 - always liked toom extra never kabees
2 - I checked one of them today, they're dirty but no physical damage can be noticed, it looks like their original owner(s) never cleaned their PC.
Today it heavily rained, I'm waiting for a sunny day to clean them, then dry them inside my car for an hour under
direct sunlight. One of them is an i7-2600 Sandy Bridge and the other is an i7 4th generation CPU.
I'll test them afterwards and will see
Worst case scenario, I can sell the the CPUs for a total of 200$


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The view from @Carol Friandise's balcony


Carol Friandise

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How do you know the camera was made by kuffar? What if they had converted before producing the camera?
(These are the type of annoying questions you post).
@My Moria Moon @Dr. Strangelove @SeaAb
when are you guys going to stop the MOUKHABARAT habbit ?! If he's annoying so much, there's an ignore button.
ignore him and problem solved
Those kouffar make damn good cameras.
yes they do, they make good damn weapons too but TRUE Muslims don't and that is a sign of who is the real notorious criminal