Post a pic of yourself or your environment Thread :)

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    Lebmonage is for freedom of speech until you give an opinion that's different than his, then he loses his mind and wants to clamp down on you Basij-style.
    I'm 100% for freedom of speech. I am not offended by differing opinions. Some majlo2en over here who mistake the concept of freedom of speech, think that freedom of speech is all about being offensive, insulting, repugnant, and not least, idiotic. Freedom of speech is an effective tool to make substantial contributions and express your mind and express profound thoughts to positively impact society, even when you are offensive. But if opening your mouth is not based on an intention or a drive to make a stance or contribute positively, but just for the sake of saying something, then you won't be taken seriously and you'd have people judge what you say, even if they accommodate your nonsensicality. Often times, it is not about expressing yourself freely but more about trying to be extra. And yet still, I have no problem with that. The picture you are trying to paint of me is aimed at hiding the fact your posts are childish in substance. I have no problem with you saying anything but dont follow me from one thread to another to bug me with assumptive or suppositional questions. And when I complain, you tell me it's a public forum or I am become basiji. I'm not here to meet up to your expectations. I am far from being a basiji. God knows that as much as I respect tradition and culture, and I oppose oppression and dehumanizing and demonizing others for their choices, I do not appreciate restrictive, antisocial and control freak governments or societies as well. I love my freedom and privacy and life so much, that anyone who tries to grow a long nose into my affairs is kept at an arm's length. And I'm talking about real life.
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    Maybe I'll go to the desert
    Find myself in the Joshua Tree
    If we pass in the night then just hand me a light
    And tell me you burned just like me.