Post a pic of yourself or your environment Thread :)

Why it is an issue for you
Rental or ownership
Did you think about age of the ship
This could make a difference between 200,000 e and 2 millions e
Also not everyone can afford to rent such ships
In your post the rent was 40,000 e if I m not wrong
Don’t except an American to understand Mediterranean sophistication
This is not the Wild West or Neveda
This is the center of World Sophistication
This is a business investment mainly and a little for fun
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Pretty nice, I’ll need something like that for my private island! 🌴
Actually this is my favorite yearly activity and period of time
My only regret I only began to do it as a later period of my age ; I lost a lot of years preferring the quietness of the Lebanese mountain
I still love the mountain but the sea more