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Power Struggles within the Hariri Family [Breaking: Clashes in Tariq Jdideh]


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Abandoned by his allies, ridiculed by his opponents, publicly attacked by his own brother. It's clear that Saad Hariri is on very weak political footing.

His supporters will rally behind him in the face of such adversity, but for how long? Hariri has mostly been a political failure over 15 years. The Future Movement under him is suffering financially, in addition to being under increasing pressure from the judiciary (locally and abroad). The Hariri legacy is loudly being put into question.
اول شي ، ميس يو .
تاني شي، هيدا الللي قلتو تحديدا يستعطف الشارع كان الانتخابات حاصلة غدا
بدك تشوف مين عم يلعب على الصور الذهنية لخداع الـ Masse


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Another reason not to appoint anyone with the Hariri surname to head the govt:

I can tell you about my personal trauma: the unlucky combination of the letters a i r i H r does something to my respiratory system. Every time these letters are rearranged to form the sound or word "Hariri", I feel like calling 991. When I land on Beirut International Airport, and unless my thoughts are interrupted by my wife or the security personnel, I keep murmuring to myself this is " matar beirut el douwali".
I sincerely pray the shameful name of baba Rafiq crook will one day soon be erased from that old decent national arena, and is replaced by the proper original one.

But let me ask you this: what can you do if your sunni partners, in this charade for governing system, insist on being represented by a mar7oum villain, his retarded taltameess son, or another ja77oush bastard son carrying the same family name while no one really knows 2ar3it bayyo men wein?

The question you raise in this topic does indeed hit deep into the roots of our Lebanese problems. Because if they insist, are you able to prevent the sunni from bringing in any lazy, incompetent, mokh fadeh PM to rule over your Lebanese destiny, without crushing skulls and bones in the process?