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Qatar 2022.

Joe tayyar

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أوباما قرار "فيفا" منح قطر إستضافة مونديال 2022 "خاطئ"

Mabrouk Qatar​

Danny Z

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Bid chief executive Hassan al-Thawadi promised Israel would be allowed to participate if it qualifies.

"We are a very, very hospitable place that welcomes people from all parts of the world," he said. "Bringing the World Cup to the Middle East now ... will showcase to the world that the Middle East is home to a lot of people, it's opening its arms to the rest of the world. In doing so, such misconceptions will be dissolved."


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Bid chief executive Hassan al-Thawadi promised Israel would be allowed to participate if it qualifies.

"We are a very, very hospitable place that welcomes people from all parts of the world," he said. "Bringing the World Cup to the Middle East now ... will showcase to the world that the Middle East is home to a lot of people, it's opening its arms to the rest of the world. In doing so, such misconceptions will be dissolved."

As if they would even qualify!!

Danny Z

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As if they would even qualify!!

If colonization and land squatting continue at this level and if Arabs keep their mouths shut about it as they are doing now, by 2022 Qatar would be part of the greater Israel

Orange Patriot

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why not Lebanon??? Alcohol is consumed like watter and Beirut is the best town for partying, as for Israel qualifying well it would be an opportunity to have a peace accord and move on with it :cool:

Maybe because Lebanon is too small. You can fit the whole country inside the Maracana Stadium!

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:scared: :scared:


Al Shamal Stadium is nice.

Al Khor Stadium is just ugly. ridiculously literal.

Al Gharafa is nothign new. We;'ve seen this deisgn before.

Al Wakra. Thumbs up. Love it. Original and great design.

Al Rayyaqi is a very cool idea. but I hope the form is changed.

Please tell me these stadiums are not final designs.

I would imagine the concept designs for these projects wouldnt have officially begun yet since its 12 yrs later. Theres so much potential for incredible design in this wolrd cup and region.


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From radio-canada

Mondail 2022 - ةviter la chaleur estivale

S'il n'en tenait qu'à lui, Franz Beckenbauer organiserait le Mondial de 2022 au Qatar en janvier ou en février plutôt qu'en juin ou en juillet.

La légende du soccer allemand, membre du comité exécutif de la FIFA, a fait cette proposition au quotidien Bild, samedi. Beckenbauer veut ainsi éviter que les joueurs et les spectateurs souffrent de la chaleur accablante estivale.

« Il faudrait réfléchir à une solution, a-t-il indiqué. En janvier et en février, il règne au Qatar des températures agréables autour de 25 degrés Celsius. Les calendriers des grands championnats européens doivent être changés en 2012. Cela n'aurait pas un impact trop important et cela représenterait une alternative aux dépenses énormes pour climatiser les stades. »

Par ailleurs, Beckenbauer a refusé de révéler quelle candidature il a appuyée. Il a toutefois confié avoir été surpris par le choix du Qatar.

« J'aurais été heureux si nous avions laissé cette décision à la génération future », a déclaré Beckenbauer, qui quittera ses fonctions l'an prochain.

Joe tayyar

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ستتعهد اسرائيل الحفاظ على امن قطر اثناء دورة الفيفا عام 2022

تعاقد امير قطر ورئيس وزرائه مع دولة اسرائيل وجهاز الموساد وأمان وشاباك على ان تقوم اسرائيل بحماية دورة كرة القدم 2022 مقابل ان تدفع قطرملياري دولار وعمولة 5% عن كل تذكرة دخول للملاعب.

وقد بدأت الشركة الاسرائيلية وهي سيكيور تال او بالعبرية اسمها بروخر كاهايا بالاستعداد فعلاً للتحضير في قطر منذ الآن بقيامها بمهامها الامنية والتفتيش عن كل شيئ قد يكون ملغوماً اثناء البناء وتدفع قطر مقابل هذه الصفقة مليار دولار فوراً ومليار دولار قبل بدئ مبارايات الفيفا بثلاث اشهر، وسيدخل رجال امن اسرائيلية الى قطر بجوازات سفر غير اسرائيلية سواء اوكرانية او دول اخرى، على ان يبدؤا بالتمركز.

وبالفعل بدأ استئجار الشقق منذ الآن لإستضافة العملاء الاسرائيليين حيث قاموا بإستئجار الشقق وستقوم قطر بتأمين كل الوازم لجهاز الامن الاسرائيلي من الآن وحتى سنة 2022 موعد قمة مباراة العالم في الفيفا على ان تدفع قطر منذ الآن وحتى سنة 2022 ملياري دولار لإسرائيل.

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Australia interested if re-vote taken on 2022 WCup

SYDNEY (AP) — Australia's sports minister says the country would be interested in making another bid for the 2022 World Cup if the hosting rights are re-contested following allegations of corruption in FIFA's voting process.

The Australian government spent $45 million and received just one vote. Qatar was granted hosting rights, but growing corruption claims have raised the remote prospect of last December's poll being re-run.

Sports Minister Mark Arbib said in comments published Saturday that "we were disappointed not to win the right ... and believe if given the chance we could put on the best-ever World Cup."

Two FIFA executive members from Africa were alleged to have taken bribes of $1.5 million each to vote for Qatar.

ecce homo

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Qatar's Bin Hammam accused of buying 2022 World Cup

Suspended Fifa vice-president Jack Warner has made public an e-mail that claims Mohamed Bin Hammam "bought" the 2022 World Cup finals for Qatar.

Fifa general secretary Jerome Valcke admitted he sent the e-mail, which also questioned why Asian football boss Bin Hammam was running for Fifa president.

Valcke wrote: "[Hammam] thought you can buy Fifa as they bought the World Cup."

However, Bin Hammam responded by telling BBC Sport on Monday: "I don't know why he [Valcke] has said that."

The Qatari added: "If I was paying money for Qatar you also have to ask the 13 people who voted for Qatar."

Asked whether Valcke's allegation was true he said: "What do you think?"

Valcke stressed that his e-mail to Warner was intended to remain "private" and pointed out that Warner had only published selected parts of it.

"He [Warner] sent me an email asking if I want that [Bin Hammam to run for Fifa president], he said that I should ask Bin Hammam to pull out," Valcke added.

Valcke also denied that he had influenced Fifa's ethics committee, which Fifa suspended Warner and Bin Hammam on Sunday over separate allegations of bribery, pending further investigation.

He stated: "The first time I met the chairman of the ethics committee was yesterday [Sunday] at 1700 [BST] before we went to the press conference. I had no contact at all with anyone."

Bin Hammam was suspended a matter of hours after withdrawing from the Fifa presidential race on Sunday morning.

His decision leaves 75-year-old incumbent Sepp Blatter, who is seeking a fourth term in charge of the organisation he has run unopposed since 1998, as the only man running for the office. Blatter is due to hold a news conference on Monday at 1700 BST.

Fifa has said its election will go ahead, as scheduled, on Wednesday.

Warner, who is president of the North, Central American and Caribbean confederation (Concacaf), has reacted angrily to the allegations of bribery and the Fifa ethics committee's decision to suspend him.

The Trinidad and Tobago government minister raged: "I look on the suspension as the worst form of justice by any sporting organisation.

"They came premeditated, they weren't prepared to listen, they were hand-picked to do a task and they did just that.

"The guys were hand-picked by Blatter. A kangaroo court would be a decent thing to say."

Warner, who also turned on Valcke, stated: "I wrote to Valcke telling him, among other things, that the outcome of the [Fifa presidential] elections may cause some fracture in the Arab world which we can ill afford now and that I will like to ask Bin Hammam to withdraw from the race.

"To which Jerome replied to me and I quote: 'For MBH [Mohamad Bin Hammam], I never understood why he was running. If really he thought he had a chance or just being an extreme way to express how much he does not like anymore JSB [Joseph Sepp Blatter].

"Or he thought you can buy Fifa as they [Qatar] bought the WC [World Cup]'."

Warner showed the e-mail to television crews and added: "You don't have to believe me, you don't have to like me, nobody has to eat with me, drink with me or sleep with me but Jesus Christ, take the truth when you see it."

Warner has also accused Blatter of making a gift of computers and an unauthorised $1m (£607,000) to Concacaf officials.

"I indicated that at the Miami Concacaf Congress on 3 May Mr Blatter made a gift of $1m to Concacaf to spend as it deems fit," Warner said in a statement.

"This annoyed [Uefa] president Michel Platini who was present and he approached secretary general Jerome Valcke complaining that Mr Blatter had no permission from the finance committee to make this gift to which Jerome replied that he will find the money for Mr Blatter.

"I also indicated Fifa, through Mr Blatter, organised gifts of laptops and projectors to all members of the Caribbean and no objections have been made today of this to date."

However, Platini said on Monday that he was having a joke with Swiss Blatter.

The Frenchman said: "He [Blatter] can give [to] the projects that he wants to give. I joke, I said 'but Sepp this was not accepted by the committee' - but he can give many projects to many national associations and we will confirm in the GOAL project after.

"In many Congresses for many, many years the president can give one or two projects to national associations - he has his own budget and he can give to one confederation and then it has to be approved of course by the executive committee next time."

Blatter has denied any wrong-doing as have Warner and Hammam, who are accused of offering financial incentives to members of the Caribbean Football Union.

In a file of evidence it was claimed bundles of cash of up to $40,000 (£24,200) were handed over to members of the CFU at the meeting in Trinidad on 10 and 11 May.

The payments were allegedly made to secure votes for Bin Hammam in his campaign to challenge Blatter for the presidency.

Bin Hammam effectively claimed Blatter was aware of some of the wrongdoing but the Fifa president did not report it, in itself a breach of Fifa's ethics code, but he was found to have no case to answer.

And last week, Qatar 2022 World Cup officials denied allegations, published in the Sunday Times, that they paid bribes in return for votes.

Meanwhile, independent Australian senator Nick Xenophon has demanded that Fifa refunds the Aus$45.6m (£29.6m) they spent on their unsuccessful bid to host the 2022 World Cup.

Xenophon said: "It appears corrupt and highly questionable behaviour goes to the core of Fifa.

"Australia spent almost $46m on a bid we were never in the running for.

"Now we hear that bribes may have been made to fix the result for who will head up Fifa."

According to the Reuters news agency, China's Zhang Jilong will take charge of the Asian Football Confederation in the absence of Hammam.

BBC News

ecce homo

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Mondial-2022 attribué au Qatar: la Fédération allemande veut un réexamen

BERLIN (AFP) - Le président de la Fédération allemande de football (DFB) Theo Zwanziger s'est prononcé mercredi pour un réexamen de la procédure d'attribution du Mondial-2022 de football au Qatar, en raison de soupçons de corruption.


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Bin Hammam's fall puts Qatar 2022 under scrutiny

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The downfall of Mohamed bin Hammam is bringing fresh scrutiny to Qatar's surprise victory in winning the rights to the 2022 World Cup.

FIFA on Saturday banned bin Hammam for life from soccer for his role in a bribery scandal in the governing body's presidential election. The Asian soccer federation president is the most senior official convicted of corruption in FIFA's 107-year history.

The two controversies are daunting for Qatar and the entire Gulf region, where sports have been elevated to something akin to a national cause.

In this May 7, 2009 file photo, FIFA President Sepp Blatter,
left, is greeted by Asian Football Confederation (AFC) President
Mohamed bin Hammam upon his arrival at the 23rd AFC Congress
Gala Dinner at a hotel in downtown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
FIFA has banned Mohamed bin Hammam from football for life
after finding him guilty of bribing presidential election voters.
(AP Photo/Lai Seng Sin, File)