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Ramadan Mubarak!

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Ok Mawlena. I hope you're fasting...just in case.

Lebanon has the highest number of "just-in-case-Muslims". They are very conspicuous during the month of Ramadan. Even the ones that don't pray fast.

Yes I'm familiar with those. They are the kind of Muslims who drink and party all year long but suddenly stop drinking during Ramadan.
I know some who delete Grindr too. LOL how stupid is that?

As for me, I like to keep a chocolate bar handy during Ramadan. So that if I run into a fasting Muslim, I will grab the bar and eat it in the sexiest way possible.
@Rachel Corrie You might want to try some Jambon in Ramadan, as per Annahar! :cigar:



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No problem. In the appropriate thread. Hint: I don't believe gay people should be harmed or persecuted.
First of all I want to wish you and your loved ones a Happy tolerance month!
Your genuine reply is appreciated. Forgive those who wish you harm. Those are the loud ignorant minorities. The majority of the Lebanese people from all religion are good people living all together in harmony. They are busy working hard and raising their children and have no time to respond to the bigots.
Watch this video in the occasion. this is a proof that the lonely angry grouchy characters on this forum chose their own miserable destiny.

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Also, is there a specific dish or dessert for Ramadan (ie like the معمول for Easter )

There's Kellej Ramadan. It's the quintessential Ramadan dessert. Tastes so yummy.

Jelleb is also traditionally served during Ramadan.

The typical iftar consists of lentil soup, fattouch, sambousik + a main course.

Personally, I like to enjoy my iftar with a glass of Arak.