regular visitors who rarely post

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Most of those members were once very active in the forum. Something like weyn kento ento when those members were having hot debates in here.... :eek:key:

3 very important reasons that may prevent those members from posting:
- No time to follow up on their posts and they don't wanna be just casual posters, so better not start debates without being there to check it out.
- Lost all interest in politics and no point in debating anymore.
- Those members are used to getting all their infos about politics among other stuffs from the forum and they didn't find another website where they can quinch their thirst for informations from.


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Hey All,

A lot of members come to the forum and read without participating in the discussion.

This thread is for them:
- what are you looking for here ?
- How can we push you to click that reply button and add your valuable input ? :)

You just did! Hello the Orange Room...
Not looking for anything in Particular. Just checking latest news. Can't be bothered to enter into a lengthy discussion again about HA weapons or what's happening in Syria. most of the posts repeat themselves and the same point keeps on being said in different ways over and over again with thousands of pages of endless discussions. I visit this website mostly for news.

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