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With the recent developments in Lebanon and in the forum that has led to raised tensions and heated discussions in the various political/election threads, the Oroom staff team thought it would be good to remind the forum members of the Forum Rules that were developed to ensure quality, productive and constructive discussions, and debates. If those rules haven’t been fully implemented and enforced lately, it is mainly because activity in the forum has multiplied with limited moderating resources to monitor all the discussions.

Please take a few minutes to have another read of Forum Rules and our Orange Room Etiquette

Even though the Forum Rules have not always been used in their strictest interpretation, some members chose to abuse the openness of the forum by repeatedly violating Forum Rules and engaging in attacks and behavior that are far from reflecting the original objectives of this forum.

For that, the existing Oroom staff, and the soon to be elected staff will be using the moderation tools allowed by the Forum Rules and Constitution more diligently to restore the quality discussions we have been maintaining over the many years since the Forum was launched.

To avoid any ambiguity in the interpretation of Forum Rules, here are a few examples of comments/behavior that will not be tolerated:
  • Personal attacks and insults, including “character assassination” by spreading false information about other members
  • Disclosing personal information
  • Criticism and/or attacks against forum staff (there are other ways to report another member or to criticize staff, e.g. by messaging Supermods or the Admin).
  • Offending discrimination against other individuals or groups, this includes derogatory comments against a sect, religion, gender, nationality, and other groups. This is not to be confused with discussions about organized religion, interpretation of a religion, politics of another country, rights and/or behavior of gender groups, etc, which are allowed.
  • Trolling: Trolling is the art of turning a civilized discussion into a chaotic heated exchange of attacks and insults, by posting false information, short radical opinions, offending statements or memes, or repeated messages only for the purpose of stirring up controversy. While we do acknowledge that trolling could be subjective, the forum Staff will be using their best judgment to minimize trolling, including limited or permanent bans for repeat offenders.
Finally, the Forum Admin would like to remind all forum members once again, that the moderators are VOLUNTEERS who devote time and energy in the service of this forum and its members, to ensure the discussions are civilized and that all members with their diverse opinions are treated fairly. Even if mistakes happen, keep this in mind before insulting or attacking a forum staff, there are ways to report biased or unfair treatments by a staff member.

Enjoy the discussions, and help us keep this forum the platform of free speech, open discussions and hope for a better country for all of us.

Thank you.
The Administration


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I think there should be a chart of good practices.

IMHO, the forum is very representative of Lebanon's diversity. If we are able to have a respectful dialog in this forum and in other social medias, this will surely appease tensions and avoid strife and violence in the streets.

One can always write any useful messages in a respectful way, and being factual and objective.

If anyone has any gripe about my writings he can tell me it, I will take it in consideration if it is said in a respectful manner.

In an auto-critic, I regret my "noms d'oiseaux" (to Dr Geagea, technocrat idea, etc.). I also regret my joke on a dead man, specially that he is rightly considered as martyr, and thus I apologize from those who I may have hurt.

I ask @Moderator :

- Forbid labelling of any Lebanese groups. ie labelling HA and/or HA's supporters as terrorist, or people of khanda2 el ghami2 as thugs, labelling those who bash Shias as manyik etc. I already warned that labelling HA and or his supporters as terrorists is a declaration of war. Some non Shias Lebanese mest5yfyn in this issue. It was chanted 2 days ago in Ring and then Ahrafieh by protestors who benefit of the protection of the LA. Allah lataf there haven't been casualties in the Ring and Ashrafieh. From Shia point of view, the violence was due to the protesters from Ashrafieh and elsewhere who cut the road and chanted HA terrorist.

- Forbid spreading lies and 7omsi news (baseless news)

- Forbid bashing or insult to any Lebanese figure, specially if they are dead and some Lebanese consider as martyr

Lebanon has already entered in a 4th generation warfare. Even if propaganda plays an important role in such warfare, let our discussion remain with good intentions and bonne foi manner in order to confine as much as possible the violence in Lebanon, where we or our beloveds are living.