Remembering Pierre Amine Gemayel - شهيد الحرية والاستقلال الثاني



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It has been 13 years since the assassination of Sheikh Pierre Amine Gemayel بسلاح الغدر البعثي الخبيث yet his message has not been silenced.

I remember vividly the eve of his assassination. We were playing backgammon when Breaking News report came on LBC. My mum's intituition immediately went "الله يحمي بيار الجميل." Not long after, they announced he has been assassinated.

Feel free to share videos or articles about Sheikh Pierre, to remind everyone what a صوت حر sounds like.

اشتقنالك يا بطل

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    Pierre Gemayel, more than any other politician who was assassinated during that period will forever stay in my memory. We were working on a school project for jensyati hakkon li wa li osrati, and he came and talked to us at school and presented the other side of the debate, he was the only other politician we contacted and agreed to participate, first one was Nasser qandil. The day he was assassinated we were celebrating independence day at school with a barbecue and we heard the sounds and the entire place shook, I'll never forget that day because it went from a very cheerful atmosphere to a very somber one in a matter of seconds and when we heard it was him who died almost everyone openly sobbed since we had actually gotten to know him and he wasn't just a person we saw on tv from time to time. Politics aside, I always thought he was a stand up guy if for nothing else then for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to a bunch of school kids.

    May he rest in peace.