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Rest in Peace our fellow Oroomer “William Azar”

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  • latinorange


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    I may be late for this but if somebody is planning to support his family i would like to join
    My Moria Moon

    My Moria Moon

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    oh my god, missed this thread. So sad. What a loss.
    Many of us in here do not know the guy in person, but we could contribute to his memory by searching his posts and reading them. I will.


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    Chers amis,
    Voyez-vous la vie ne vaut pas que chacun soit dans son camp et attaquer l’autre. La vie vaut mieux que 8 et 14, elle vaut mieux que les chrétiens accusent les musulmans et les
    Musulmans accusent les chrétiens. Elle ne vaut pas d’être fidèle ´à son za3im.
    Pauvre william que son âme reste en paix.
    Y’a chabeb el hayat ahhm min el za3im Khafo allah.
    Stop barking go helping and working