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Salah Abdeslam trial - terrorist lambasts anti Muslim bias!


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Just a little background Salah Abdeslam was among the gang responsible for the Paris terror attack of the 13th of November 2015 where 130 people died, actually he was the only one who went missing following the attack, he was apprehended 4 months later in Belgium following a shootout with the cops! Police also believe that he has connections to the terrorist attacks that happened in Belgium in march 2016...

He is currently standing trial in Belgium for the shootout incident along with another one of his buddies and has exercised his right to remain silent. What's more telling however are his claims that "Muslims are being treated unfairly and that there is bias against him during his trial"! Seriously this guy is implicated in not 1, not 2, but 3 terrorist attacks/attempted attacks and is insisting on saying he is being treated unfairly! Where was this fairness when he was a willing participant in shooting down innocent people!?? Honestly yes, he is being treated unfairly, he's getting a fair trial, which is not something he deserves!