Saudi Arabia and the UAE to invest in 23 projects in Lebanon worth 11B USD


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I see. You had to draw your Visa mastercard to defend yourself against an insult that figuratively addressed some of your intellectual input on a forum. How rich..

Couldn't be the case, else you'd see mass deportation of Lebanese by now. If Lebanese working power is still admitted in large numbers in those countries, it is because these people are needed, are productive and are preferable over others. No free lunches and no charities, remember.

The hell holes you got so itchy about for hosting the most sacred sites for Muslims have been in the business of exporting the most savage breed of humans, a breed that finds pleasure in beheading people in the name of Allah. They are involved in mass bombings and the total destruction of a poor neighboring country for 5-6 years now. The rulers of these holy sites use no less than chainsaws against opposing figures to express their thoughts about freedom of speech and the whole cocktail of human rights.

What makes these lands hell holes is not their burning summer heat nor their vast, dead, however fascinating, sand deserts. It is the disgustingly morbid mentality that rules them with an iron fist, under the guise of the most purified form of Islam.

He wasn't addressing my intellectual input he made some pretty aggressive personal insults.