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Saudi Prince arrested with drugs in Lebanon


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heyyyyyy :msnrolleyes:

We are the future (some of us are the current) political leaders and lawyers of this country!

Yup, and the idea of our children raising in a country ruled by la3ibet likha is so sad :2241:


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I don't see what the point of this whole thread - It is well documented that white collar crimes don't get severe punishments, whether it is in Lebanon or ANYWHERE else... Isn't that the whole concept of bail? If you can afford to get out of jail, you will get out of jail... only people that can't afford bail get stuck in jail.


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معلومات للجديد: ضاهر أكد للقاضية الخازن أن الرئيس عون هو من طلب منه رفع منع السفر عن أمير الكبتاغون​

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