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Say something nice to a member you don't like


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@eLad i mean he's nice and all but apparently thinks dark angel is always right lol!
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@HannaTheCrusader , Eventhough I find your posts annoying sometimes , I do respect your honesty. You know what they say, a honest person you disagree with is better than a deceitful person who pretends to agree with you.

Also you have wonderful pets that I've seen in that other thread :D kinda made my day better.


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Let's go for the mods- members i like ^_^

@kmarthe has a tendency to say my dear in an argument

@Indie gets a bit intense in an argument when you disagree with her, but then again that goes for everyone

Iso ma fi mennik :D Even though we almost disagree on everything lol bas betmouneh ya benet Zahle :p