Life on Earth appeared about 3.8 billion years ago. Of the 5 billion species that existed to date, only 8.7 million have survived. This means that 99% of all the species that ever lived on Earth are estimated to have become extinct. The implication here is that humans will at some point become extinct as well.

Modern Man or Thinking Man appeared on Earth some 40-45 thousand years ago. Such an early man, named the Cro-Magnon, was discovered in 1868 at rock shelter sites in Cro-Magnon, near the village of Le Eyzies, France. If these people were to attend a football match with us today, we will be unable to distinguish them. They were sky watches because they painted on the walls of famous prehistoric caves at Lascaux in France parts of the sky that were of special importance to them. In addition, they invented the oldest known Lunar Calendar that ever existed.

So, if modern man is to become extinct, what would be the cause(s) that would lead to that?

Natural causes are the most obvious triggers for man’s extinction, but anthropogenic causes can also be culprits. Natural extinction could be from comets, asteroids, and meteorite strikes, severe volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Anthropogenic extinction could be from climatic changes, global nuclear annihilation, biological warfare, pandemic viruses, and ecological collapse.

No doubt Modern Man is vulnerable. We are all experiencing the effects of the Coronavirus, Covid-19. The social media is packed with articles on this subject, and on the scientific research going on worldwide trying to find a vaccine in the shortest period possible. However, there are no comments on the fate of humanity if the single strand and the double strand (RNA) viruses mutate to become incurable. It is well known that these viruses have a high mutation rate. So, what could cause the appearance of this new incurable virus? Here are some causes and what should be done about them:

  • Natural Occurrence: In this case we can only pray to God to save us.
  • Laboratory Construct: In this case the United Nations should issue a law to prohibit experimenting with the genome of viruses, and close all existing laboratories presently doing these trials.
  • 5G Network: A serious research should be conducted to prove or disprove the effects of 5G electromagnetic waves on mutating (RNA) viruses, the immune system in people and their DNA.
  • Let us assume that such a virus will appear and threaten the existence of the human population on Earth in the coming 50 years or so. Our fate will be on the road to extinction. Since we all agree that Modern Man is a unique species in this universe that took 14.5 billion years to evolve, we have an obligation to continue its existence. After all, we are the species who discovered the universe and gave it an identity after billions of years of its existence. This means that it is the duty of all nations of the world, and should be a priority, to preserve the human DNA. I hope that all specialized scientists join efforts to seed human genomes on discovered Earth-Like exoplanets that support life in our galaxy. The project could be named “Seeding the Milky Way” or “Seeding Noah’s Ark” if seeding is not restricted only to human genome.


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We already have cryogenic freezing. A modern and reliable process of mummification of brains, livers and genes. You only need to hook it up to renewable energy source and have it in space or place it in a very cold environment on Earth.

Though the doomsday scenario is rather sensational than rational at this point.