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Hello Orrom community,

Since Oroom is heavily focused on a Lebanese audience, we can't but strive to milk the Lebanese humor out of this community. We'd like to let the Oroom shape the posts, opinions and polls of our page, by sharing your ideas, memes or feedback. As soon as our Community team reported to the page's team leader, he gave us permission to cooperate with Oroom. We like it so far!

Our page aims to deliver the latest news, facts and people's unified opinions by implementing them in a funny content, thus creating the memes. Memes always have a higher reach than raw news. Which is why our page has pledged allegiance to the basketball community: the people, you and your friends.
Our page even fought against unwanted FLB officials, including the FLB Presidents in 2016-2017 and late 2018. We share what the majority believes and we highlight the wrong rules, corrupt-like actions and lack of nationalism regarding our National Team.

We'll be sharing our memes, directly from the page, to you. We'll be awaiting feedback from you, new memes, new projects and you can surely expect us to listen.
You're free to criticize and suggest new ideas, ask us to implement new things or even join our yearly competition using these forums. We will be transparent with you, we'll be discussing everything with you as partners, not as a target audience.

We host the biggest digital competition in the region, #LBMCompetition with over 3 millions impressions. We'll make sure Oroom community has a priority once the time comes (Q1 of 2019). The prizes every year enlarge, since we're getting more exposure and larger sponsor offers, the first year our prize pool was 400$ worth of items/subscriptions/memberships/discounts.

If you love basketball, we're already on the same path (and we can start dating too, it's our first requirement). Thank you for reading, and for being here.

Awaiting your memes and ideas.
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