Share your proposals to fix the Lebanese economy...

Ok; so it clear that it is the topic of the year the Lebanese economy. It started a revolution; destroyed a political alliance; bring down a gov; and for the first time since more than 20 years it got us a PM from outside the Billionaires club.

Now many people are suggesting to go back to agriculture and manufacturing to fix the economy; I wish to hear your own mini and creative proposal to fix the economy.

For me it is clear that the main objective is to limit the Dollar drainage outside Lebanon and to safeguard the basic products such as food; oil; and Medical supplies as these should have the priority.

My own proposals are the following:

1- Going back to agriculture is a must; but it should be a nationwide policy or at least at the Mouhafaza levels. Each region should specialise with the most suitable products. Measures should be implemented so that extra products could have their ways to the EU and other markets. We can't stay under the tutorship of Arab countries!

2- Agricultural Manufacturing; so that the excess products that can't be exported could at least be processed. This will create an extra venue for export as well.

3- Alternative food sources. After 11 years of war Syria is not hungry! Syrian fields can be an opportunity for Lebanon. Maybe we can purchase or lease some of these fields. Limiting our needs for Dollars in export. Or just pay the Syrian wheat in LBP ? BTW they have excellent products that can compete with our own baladeh products. Of course we go to Syria if the Lebanese products are not enough.

4- Lebanese farms (cows and poultry) have a real problem with feedstuffs; again we can't use Lebanon limited agricultural lands for feedstuffs (even though our ancestors used to do it according to the season). Again Syria can provide help in providing feedstuffs.

5- Oil and Gas; I know that for the future there is a possibility that we'll be Oil and Gas exporters. But that may take many years to come. Meanwhile; an oil and gas exporter should have some excellent refineries. Lebanon already has 2 unused refineries! The should be fixed and put to used asap! Instead of buying ready to use oil at high prices; we may buy lower prices crude oil for our refineries!

6- Hospitals; again extreme measures should be applied on Hospitals they should be all high level institutions to attract patients from all over the arab world! You know many EU patients go to Tunisia and Morocco to do their Nose job. Lebanon can be a major health care centre! We already have the facilities and the expertise; we need some public investments and regulation and let Lebanon be the Hospital of the Middle east!

Already many Iraqis find their way to AUH; but they are being robbed! This way you'll push patients away! Take your just fees and deliver the best possible practice!

7- Educational system; again a major investment should be done in Education! Both schools and Universities. The level of education in Lebanon must be improved! We used to attract students from all over the Arab world; but now? look at us we have Universities basically selling degrees!!!

Beirut Arab University used to bring many many Gulf students; AUB many international students; we should encourage major universities to shine outside by stressing on R&D this could lead the way to foreign companies to come and invest in Leb.
R&D is essential for Agriculture; Manufactures; High Tech companies as well.

These are my views; I know that each point should have tons of details but I'm not an expert; please share your own views.


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i dont wear armani... i dont like .
1. agriculture .. there must be a legal reform regarding the form of agricultural companies .. the state must encourge the cooperative type of companies... thats regarding the agriculture , the meat industry ( meat , fish , polletry ) , and all its derivative.. in order to start a whole process of developpment.. based on the necessity of the country internal market .and not on what is more profitable .
2. the industrial sector : the starting point is on 2 levels .
A . the banking loand to industry must be gevolated and with low interest rates..
B. the reserach and developpment : that start with the complete reform of the pubblic education and the university and connecting it to the industrial machine .

3. regarding the tourist sector:
you need to start with the infrastructure , pubblic transortation requalification of the touristic sites , encourage other sgments of turists ( religious turism , sportif turism , summer holiday turism ) but to arriv to that you need to work on the infrastructure ( roads , transportation, energy , clean environment , ..)

there is a lot of work to do , and a long term projectuality ..but u need to start from somewhere... i would pick the recycling an clean ambient as a point to start with ..


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البنك لو يفنى مع قرضو
و أبار البترول ينقرضو
و ما ضل لا باعة و لا تجار
الفلاح ما بتجوعه أرضو
كلامك صحيح وسليم
لو بس منرجع على كل شي قديم
كنا كلنا مرتاحين ورضيانين
مش هيك عايشين بهالجحيم


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the most urgent issue is the water in whole the middle eastern region ..
and there must be long term plans for water management ..
and the waste water management..
water is essential to do the rest of economic plans ..

a green energy must be also a priority .. wind wheels , water energy and recycled bio fuel.



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the fishing industry need to be radically rethinked and all the connected induustry ..



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to boost tourism..we need requalification of the ski resorts and mountains culture .
the beaches must all be pubblic and no constructions on the beach are to be allowed .. and the existing one nees to be demolished-


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such projects can be made. it create clean environment , preserve water resources and can create jobs- its an excellent investment--
money can be taken from randa berri wealth to finance it