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So far, I've seen people coming from Europe / Australia / Japan / USA top 1st world countries, quitting their luxurious life style and sacrificing their lives so the lands of Arabs ( the origin of Islam ) doesn't get divided, this alone leaves you wondering why would anyone do this.


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Hameed btitjawwazneh? With the new LGBT ruling sar fineh a3tik the American citizenship :)

@Jo, Kindly eradicate this post by @Amirkani because the very reason I am not even writing 1 character in the LGBT thread is the fact I am utterly disgusted by even hearing the idea about it !! .... Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

So @Amirkani is bringing it up here ..... I think I'm going traumatic



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I couldn't help it! :) this stuff was just so darn outlandish :)

Nothing more outlandish than condescension coming from a guy who tried to win an argument against me by posting an article that ended up re-reinforcing my own argument :)


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Mirka, Abou Bakr_lubnan is no Ouwatjeh and not even a Christian, of course you won't see him with the LF. Abou Bakr_lubnan cannot call his Hakim sa7awat el Marooneyya if he truly were an LFer ;) this dude is a hardcore FMer, probably one of those Troblous or Saadnayel dudes with the long beards! :D or a more modern looking one with the same content.


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This is a general observation of how some discussions go :D

Carl Sagan pointing out the detriment of drawing conclusions believing something without facts.