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Thawra # Furoshima

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With Bassil
Thanks God but you like The Jade one of his fiercest critics
I was defending Bassil from the Jade and co so it seems your obsession with me is superior to your love and loyalty to your God Bassil
Poor tambour caught in the act
A small bad Bassil soldier
Don't cry baby
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I was gonna post that here, but you beat me to it. Congrats to JustLeb for making it to the hall of fame. And thanks for the laugh.

anytime !
if this amuses you let it be ;)
but I don't think I have said any false facts, isabella is most motivated when it comes to this issue :D
PS. I am also not intimidated by being posted on this thread, so serve yourself :p


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further clarification be sir bade elbos ma7bas , jawze lezem ykoun lawyer , and i have my phd already and doing my second major , and 3nde be 7esebe mni7 money iza ma chtaghalet will be fine ... ok?
hayk eza chawahoule seme3te . ma tjawazet khalas CLEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR??
Dafuq did I read?