[Sign up NOW] Mafia Coronavirus Edition: Outbreak

Sayyid Muki

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Since all you folks are "working" from home or otherwise locked down, here comes I just in time to save your marriages and relationships.

I present to you:
Mafia Coronavirus Edition: Outbreak

Sign up if you wanna play and invite (tag) your friends and haters. This will be fun, I bromise.

New players welcome.

Player List:
1. ...

Sayyid Muki

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Player List:
1. Isabella
2. Myso
3. Dr. Strangelove
4. mike89
5. Notorious
6. HalaMadrid
7. @Mrsrx - Signing you up anyways
8. ...

Few more and we'll start.


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Sign @SeaAb and @loubnaniTO up as well . As super penguins they need to lead by example and encourage fun activities :p also it would help us take out some aggression by lynching them
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