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South Africa votes to seize land from white farmers

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  • Iron Maiden

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    Delusions? What kind of delusions do you mean?

    As to "my beef", it is not with Hardian who is long dead, but with Arab squatters/imposters who are still a problem.

    To my opinion squatters can be tolerated - room can be found for all, but when squatters try to be belligerent imposters, then they must go - much safer that way.
    This is too comical..

    my best advice is still to go talk to emperor hadrian, hes responsible for kicking the jews out of judea and renaming the region palestinae :)


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    We are long passed that and I wasn't the one who drove it away.

    Join the conversation where it is at the moment or ignore it, but either way stop complaining.
    Actually yes you were the one who drove it away by initiating the Israeli discussion in the first place!

    You need to stick to the topic or go post in any other thread about Israel because this is too far! Literally 10 posts about SA the actual topic of the thread and the rest are off topic! So yeah either stick to the topic or go post in a thread about Israel!

    Iron Maiden

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    I forgot I wanted to check if the courts in SA can prevent this from happening, I honestly think it's a grave mistake and miscalculated move!

    If they did want to give the land back to their original owners then the fair way is to give compensation for the current owners! I get that black people were stripped of their rights in this part of the world but you cannot rectify an injustice by committing the same thing in reverse!

    I don't know this whole thing is incredibly muddy lol! Also haven't seen black panther yet, not a big fan of comic book movies not sure I will see it lol!
    This has been the work of jacob zuma since he took the power in 2010. The guy was so jealous of kandela he wanted to prove he was better and instigated a lot of race based political actions. He was destituted a few weeks ago for corruption and abuse of power.

    The whole country is a farce with crime rates going through the roof and an economy still based on the british infrastructure
    Not, I simply suggested a parallel and neither of you had to reply and that would've been it, but instead you descended on it like flies on ... honey.
    Your parallel would have made perfect sense except that the ancient Hebrews were not the indigenous population of the area known as Israel/Palestine. They are like the whites of SA, land usurpers. Here you are again, contradicting yourself in yet another thread, looooooooooool!


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    @Isabella I don't think you have covered the doll test in any of your threads yet lol!

    This reminds me a lot of LebanoStat that statistics app where they often give you all bad answers so no matter which one you select it will be negative!


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    The magnitude of crime being committed by Black South Africans against White South Africans makes me sort of sympathize with the idea of an apartheid wall. The Black community has a real crime problem and I think they need to fix their shit before they cry victim. A lot of heinous crimes against White farmers go unreported by the PC media.

    Between 1990 and March 2012, there had been an estimated 1,544 murders on South African farms of which 208 of the victims were Black.[2] The data for farm attacks is self-reported to a commercial farmer's union, Transvaal Agricultural Union. The last government analysis of farm attack victims by race was conducted in 2001. In their report, the police’s Crime Information Analysis Centre revealed that of the 1,398 people attacked on farms, 61.6% were white, 33.3% were black, 4.4% were Asian and 0.7% were listed as “other”.

    South African farm attacks - Wikipedia

    Iron Maiden

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    so i've been reading more abt south africa lately and the situation there is really bad, but nobody's doing any reporting abt it

    basically the white farmers are building a highly trained militia and are expecting a civil war in the coming years. they do not intend to win the civil war but to delay the offensive long enough to get most white farmers evacuated out of SA and prevent a genocide.
    Suidlanders - Wikipedia

    the fall of zuma has been seen as a break or make situation. either his successor will be someone with a reconciliatory mindset, or the leftist/militia style party will take over power, whose militants are the most active on the anti farmers front already.

    things are getting very ugly there, the murders are not done just to kill, but to defile, some pictures are just horrific...