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Sometimes it can feel as though all the compulsory governmental formalities and payments come at the most inconvenient times. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. You can now settle several government transactions via private companies throughout Lebanon. For example, you can now pay your Mecanique dues (late dues are also included) and fees at any of OMT’s offices throughout Lebanon, instead of wasting the time away in Nafaa.

The process of course is to first go to one of the Mecanique inspection centers in any of 4 locations around Lebanon (Hadath, Saida, Tripoli or Zahle) and get your car inspected, where it will be determined if your vehicle is road-safe. You can then head over to your neatest OMT location and pay your dues and fees there. You will need certain few documents and your fee amount, after which you will be sent a one-time password by SMS which you will use to receive your e-vignette as confirmation. OMT also boasts the lowest fees on Mecanique: 13,000 LBP. Check your dues through the online calculator on this page and find more information, including the required documents, here. Also make sure to download the app for the utmost convenience.
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