Support Samir Geagea for President. Make Lebanon Great Again.

As President, Samir Geagea shall:

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Support Samir Geagea for President; Make every Lebanese Proud Again!

Imagine Samir Geagea picture in the NYT and WSJ with the following headlines to the world:


Convicted murderer with commuted death sentence elected as New President of Lebanon.

Dead Man Walking: Lebanon’s newly elected President.


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Looks like someone is confident Samir Geagea will disarm Hezbollah.
The question how?
Using the LAF.
Asking Israel, Saudi Arabia or may be Trump like the Kurds did...


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I recommend anyone who wants to enjoy this topic fully to start with nice bottle of wine or a little 7itta joint. It makes all the difference:cigar:

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I noticed no one casted his vote for: Fight corruption and return the millions he stole.
I wonder why:woot:

You don't have to wonder, he stole nothing.
It was Mr. Caviar who lived a lavish lifestyle in Baris with the millions he stole.


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A glimpse of history for Lebanon's future and younger generation. While history keeps on repeating itself...
Listen to what Dany Chamoun had to say about the American ambassador involvement (melding a la Democrats). Dany and family were massacred by the criminal running for president now....
BTW, all actors and victims here were/are Christians.... No Hezbollah there for the crybabies...

جرائم سمير جعجع