Support Samir Geagea for President. Make Lebanon Great Again.

As President, Samir Geagea shall:

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  • Jorje


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    Listen to Lady Gaga, saying Berri "sadi2o l asesi".

    Listen to this interview, and see that the LF is part and parcel of the system; they strike deals here and there for a few ministerial posts and a bunch of ta3yinet.

    Listen to when he says they only gave up arms "in principle" and they will go back to being a militia the moment the "state crumbles".

    This is for the tools who think LF is some kind of reform movement or something. @AtheistForJesus



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    بتاريخ ٢ /٣ / ٢٠١٦ كان عم يدافع عن جبران باسيل ووزراء التيار بموضوع الكهرباء اليوم غير رأيه.


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    Not a bad idea. We need someone to offset the balance of the “always offended” and “overly sensitive” crowd.