Syria Situation: Rebuilding a Nation after Surviving a Global War.

Syria Stability following ISIS defeat by Assad and Hezbollah: Good or bad for Lebanon's Stability?

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أرسلان يلتقي الرئيس الأسد في قصر المهاجرين


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@Suicide Squad
And all 3awnists

Watch at 16:20

Chapeau bas to LF for raising the voice for our heroes kidnapped by Assad

Whether serious or not, bashamou lal zmek.
The topic of missing soldiers has been missing from their speeches since they have become BFF with Basho
This topic alone shows how they deal with any file, based on how much it serves them or not.
The kherfen has many speeches saying it is up to the leb gov to solve this issue.
When he become president he totally ignored it;
I used to ask fer2et el za2iffeh about this file, but no reply...
tfeh 3ala heyk 3alam


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Checks and balances:
This is a 5 year old interview with Bashar Assad...
Did he know what he was talking about?
Must watch and decide...

Syria is Holy Russia land
All the big economic contracts taken from Iran and given to Russia who saved the world from terrorist


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في سورية نظام رئاسي . لذلك يستطيع الأسد تنفيذ مشروع إصلاح بدون أشكال متل ( بري جعجع جنبلاط حريري مافيا)

في لبنان نظام في عدة رؤوس ( ما بعد الطائف) وهذا مقصود ومدروس لدمار لبنان.

تخيل لو كن ميشال عون رئيس في نظام رئاسي كان لبنان جنة.​


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Netanyahu's suicidal farewell desperation...

Explosions over Damascus: Syrian air defenses light up sky in response to ‘Israeli aggression’ – state media​


Syrian air defenses have been activated against missiles allegedly launched from Lebanese airspace by Israel, state news agency SANA has reported. The attack is said to be targeting Damascus and Homs.
The attack began shortly before midnight local time on Tuesday, according to the agency.
Netanyahu suicidal desperation

A “very loud” explosion shook Damascus, local residents reportedly posted on Facebook. There have been unconfirmed reports of material damage from the strikes, but no casualties so far.

Israel has frequently launched missiles against what Tel Aviv has described as “Iranian” targets within Syria. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) usually do not acknowledge or comment on the operations. Damascus has condemned the attacks as a violation of its sovereignty, but Western governments have ignored them.

The most recent strike was in early May, in the Latakia province – just before Israel became involved in a shooting war with Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. The conflict lasted 11 days before an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire went into effect.

Tuesday evening’s attack comes in the final stretch of Benjamin Netanyahu’s tenure as Israeli prime minister. After 12 years in power, he is scheduled to be replaced by a new government led by former aide Naftali Bennett and opposition politician Yair Lapid, with support of an Arab religious party.

Syrian President Bashar Assad, meanwhile, recently won re-election with 95% of the vote.
The structural transformation that Lebanon is undertaking now will surely affect Syria sooner or later.

Lebanese people for their most part want radical change in the political system. And it happens that Syrians don't even know the names of their representatives (MPs, ministers) as much as they know the Lebanese politicians.

When the people will elect a new cast of politicians with a new clean, real president, PM and speaker, and the economy will roll again on the right track, inevitably the Syrians will start protesting as they did in early 2011. And this time, it will be a clean protestation against tyranny and despotism far from any foreign intervention via islamist groups such as ISIS.


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if you suppport assad, whatever, that's your prerogative as despicable as I may personally find it.

if you actually believe these poll numbers, a lobotomy would likely improve your IQ... altho that can be said for 99% of arabs