Syrian child breaks into tears while singing "Give us our childhood" in The Voice Kids

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  • Hameed

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    as usual, they come with democracy and freedom banners, they **** up the future generation's future ... then abuse the future generation for their own pathetic attempts to play heroes!!

    3ala fekra ... eh hayda elli baddak minno el toufouli taba3ak .... byedfa3la ma3asha lali 3allametak el ghinnieh .. ya3neh 7attouk 3al masra7 la yeheblouk !!


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    بس غنت ريمي بندلي كان السوري و الفلسطيني راكبينا قصف و قتل ما حدا فتح نيعو... هلق حن قلبن.. []
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