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Terrorist attack in Turkey in the new year ; many killed and injured including many Lebanese

Is Turkey who is relatively cheap and without visas requirement a safe place for Lebanese Tourists

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Turkey: Ex-Intelligence Boss Says Istanbul Nightclub Jihadi Had Help


by FRANCES MARTEL9 Jan 20175

Speaking to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, former Turkish intelligence head Cevdet Öneş said that the Islamic State jihadist responsible for a mass shooting in Istanbul’s Reina nightclub on New Year’s Eve was a professional who “definitely” received some help from someone within the club.

“It’s clear that this person was not just a lone wolf,” Öneş, who served as the Turkish intelligence agency MIT’s deputy head of intelligence, told the newspaper. “As he has still not been caught, we can say the attack was a result of cooperation and people helping each other.”

He added that he believed the attack relied on “a wide cooperation network despite intense security precautions and intelligence works in Istanbul,” calling the terror cell responsible “professional.” His assessment matches that of law enforcement, who have described the fugitive jihadi as “specially-trained” and a member of a “well-formed” terrorist cell within Turkey.

Reina owner Memet Kocarslan, in recent interviews following the attack also laments his club’s inability to handle a well-trained killer. While he notes to CNN that he hired added security for his club’s New Year’s Eve party, the shooter “was too professional.” “This gunman is unbelievable. I believe he has been fighting in war for many years,” he speculated, protesting that Turkish gun control laws prevented security inside the nightclub to carry firearms.

“We must change this law. We are dealing with terrorism. We need to do something,” Kocarslan lamented.

While Turkish authorities have yet to indicate they have any leads as to where the shooter may have fled following the attack, police have finally identified the man as Abdulkadir Masharipov, a native of the central Asian nation of Uzbekistan. Masharipov had entered Turkey in 2011 and lived in Konya, an eight-hour drive from Istanbul for most of his time there. Hurriyet reports that officials believe Konya to be home to an Uzbek Islamic State terror cell.

This latest revelation contradicts days of reports that the man responsible was a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, not Uzbekistan. The Kyrgyz government finally revealed the name of the man initially suspected of the crime, Iakhe Mashrapov, and ultimately revealed that he was no longer a suspect and had returned to Kyrgyzstan. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak had also identified the suspect as a Uighur, an ethnic minority prevalent in Western China. This claim has yet to be corroborated or disputed by law enforcement officials.

In addition to revealing the suspect’s name, Turkish authorities release a short surveillance camera video showing the Reina attack, which shows the shooter deliberately shooting and killing clubgoers, appearing to target women wearing revealing clothing. Close to the end of the attack, the shooter appears to attempt to hide among the bodies of his victims but chooses the body of a man who was still alive, who kicks the shooter off of him.

39 people were killed in the attack, most tourists from other nations in the Middle East. The attack, following a string of terrorist attacks and a failed coup in July 2016, has significantly affected Turkey’s tourism industry. This week, a new report from the nation’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism reveals that tourism in Turkey dropped 30 percent in 2016, and that number is expected to continue falling as a consequence of the security situation in Turkey’s urban centers.

Turkey is the reservoir of terrorism now in the area, all Lebanese have to banish Turkish tourism or Turkish products. We can fight them in that way in the whole world. Start some steps to get there economy down.


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أولى صور بشرى الدويهي من داخل المستشفى بعد إعتداء إسطنبول الإرهابي!


زار السوبرستار راغب علامة بشرى الدويهي، ابنة النائب في البرلمان اللبناني اسطفان الدويهي، والتي اصيبت في الانفجار الارهابي الذي ضرب اسطنبول فجر يوم الاحد 1 كانون الثاني (يناير) الحالي واوقع مجموعة من الشهداء والجرحى من مختلف الجنسيات ومن بينهم مجموعة من اللبنانيين.

ونشر السوبرستار صورة من داخل المستشفى اثناء اطمئنانه على بشرى الدويهي وغرد قائلاً: “أصيبت الملاك بشرى الدويهي ابنة صديقي النائب اسطفان الدويهي ب 7 رصاصات في عملية اسطنبول الإرهابية ليلة رأس السنة.”

وتابع: “استطاعت بذكائها وبإرادة ربّ العالمين الذي أحاطها برعايته ومحبّته أن تنقذ نفسها وأن تعود إلى بلدها وأهلها وأن تتعافى بإذن الله بين محبيها وأهلها وأصدقائها في لبنان …زرتها اليوم في المستشفى وأخبرتني عن ما حصل وتكلمت بكل قوّة وإيمان وكل ثقة بالنفس”.

وختم قائلاً: “ألف الحمدلله على سلامتك حبيبتي بشرى. أتمنى لك أن تعودي لحياتك الطبيعية قريباً جداً جداً. لك مني كل المحبة والإحترام. واتمنى الشفاء العاجل لكل الذي أصيبوا في هذه العملية وغيرها من أعمال الغدر والجبن والإرهاب .”



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what is outstanding is that in the whole night club 2-3 people couldn't just hold the man? they couldn't have tackled him? everyone too busy running and he is shooting? it just tells you how people are these days. 30 years ago people would have caught a person if he snatched an old ladies purse, now something like this and people just walk away or run out.


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Reports: Istanbul nightclub attacker who killed 39 captured

ISTANBUL: A gunman suspected of killing 39 people during a New Year's attack on an Istanbul nightclub has been caught in a police operation, Turkish media reports said early Tuesday.

The suspect was captured in a special operations police raid on a house in Istanbul's Esenyurt district, private NTV television reported. The broadcaster said he had been staying in the house belonging to a friend from Kyrgyzstan.

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the nightclub massacre, saying the attack in the first hours of Jan. 1 was in reprisal for Turkish military operations in northern Syria. The man identified as the suspect had been on the run since the attack.

Hurriyet newspaper and other media have identified the gunman as Abdulkadir Masharipov, an Uzbekistan national. The suspect was to undergo medical checks before being taken to police headquarters for questioning, the paper said in its online edition.

Dogan news agency published what it said was the first image of the attacker. It showed a bruised, black-haired man in a grey, bloodied shirt being held by his neck. Private NTV television said the gunman had resisted arrest.

NTV reported that the alleged gunman's Kyrgyz friend and three other people also were detained. His 4-year-old child, who was with him at the home, was taken into protective custody.

Hurriyet newspaper said the alleged gunman's wife and 1-year old daughter were caught in a police operation on Jan. 12.

Police established his whereabouts four or five days ago, but delayed the raid so they could monitor his movements and contacts, NTV reported.

The television channel also broadcast footage showing plain-clothed police taking away a man in a white top and sweat pants, forcing his head down. The station said the images showed the gunman's Kyrgyz friend being taken to a police vehicle.

The state-run Anadolu Agency likewise reported the arrest and identified the gunman, only with a slightly different spelling of his first name, Abdulgadir. It said a Kyrgyz man and three women were detained with him

Anadolu said the suspects were being taken to Istanbul's main police headquarters for questioning. Police were carrying out raids on other suspected Islamic State group cells, the news agency said without providing details.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu posted a Twitter message thanking the interior minister, Suleyman Soylu, police and intelligence organizations "who caught the Reina attacker in the name of the people."

Earlier in the day, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said the Reina nightclub attack had been carried out professionally with the help of an intelligence organization, a claim he had made in the first days after the attack. He did not name the organization suspected of being involved.

Hundreds of people were gathered at the swanky Reina nightclub to celebrate the end of a tumultuous 2016 only to become the first victims of 2017. The gunman shot a police officer and a civilian outside the club, then stormed the premises.

Most of the dead in the attack on the upscale club were foreign nationals, from the Middle East. The gunman had reportedly left Reina in a taxi.


© The Associated Press Reina club attacker after being caught by Turkish police in Istanbul, late Monday, Jan. 16, 2017. Turkish media reports say police have caught the gunman who killed 39 people at an attack on a nightclub in Istanbul during New Year's…


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اعتقلت الشرطة التركية في وقت متأخر من مساء الاثنين في إسطنبول منفذ الهجوم المسلح الذي استهدف ملهى "رينا" الليلي في المدينة ليلة رأس السنة، في اعتداء أوقع 39 قتيلا وتبناه تنظيم "داعش" كما أفادت قناة "تي أر تي" التلفزيونية الحكومية.

وقالت القناة إنه في أعقاب عملية تفتيش واسعة النطاق نجحت الشرطة في العثور على المشتبه به الذي كان في شقة في حي إيسينيورت مع ابنه البالغ من العمر أربع سنوات.

وبحسب القناة التلفزيونية فإن الاعتقال تم خلال عملية نفذتها الشرطة بالتعاون مع جهاز الاستخبارات التركية "إم آي تي".

وإثر اعتقاله أفادت وكالة الأنباء الرسمية التركية أن المعتقل يدعى عبد القدير ماشاريبوف، في حين قالت وكالة دوغان للانباء إن اسمه الحركي هو أبو محمد الخراساني، في معلومات سبق وأن نشرت في 8 الجاري من دون أن يؤكدها أي مصدر رسمي.

وبحسب "تي أر تي" فإن الموقوف كان يقيم في شقة يستأجرها رجل قرغيزي تم اعتقاله أيضا، في حين أفادت الوكالة الرسمية أن أربعة أشخاص آخرين بينهم ثلاث نساء جرى توقيفهم خلال العملية الأمنية المشتركة التي نفذت لاعتقاله.

وبحسب وسائل إعلام تركية أخرى فإن منفذ الاعتداء هو أوزبكي ينتمي إلى تنظيم "داعش".

وكانت صحيفة "حرييت" نقلت عن أجهزة الاستخبارات ومكافحة الإرهاب في إسطنبول أن المهاجم أوزبكي يبلغ 34 عاما وينتمي إلى خلية لتنظيم داعش في آسيا الوسطى




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Such an impressive reaction by the Turkish people to help the police. The police convinced him to co-operate with raw tools and it showed on his wicked face. Where is his trademark smile now ? He deserves to be dragged behind a car or by camels in different directions, Arab style.

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Earlier in the day, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said the Reina nightclub attack had been carried out professionally with the help of an intelligence organization, a claim he had made in the first days after the attack. He did not name the organization suspected of being involved.

Islamic terrorist from central Asia = CIA.

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chou da5al? im just saying that over 600 people and no one could have caught this extremist?

Believe he was not alone. Not sure if there were other shooters, but there was 100% without a doubt others INSIDE the club helping him during the attack. And group had a prepared rehearsed routine and good intelligence including the reservation list, and ammunition was inside the club already he didn't bring it with him. He went to specific tables and shot those ducking underneath. Not case of a purse snatching or common criminal, more like a special op.