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Test your political compass

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    @Dark Angel ntaza3et b hal 3 years shakle...shu l 3amal?


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    @HannaTheCrusader is indeed a liberal socially speaking except when it comes to Muslims
    islamism is a mental illness that need to be treated
    my heart goes to them

    what is spoiling the democrats oin usa, is how they have embraced islamism and terror
    such a wonderful party gone down the drain and now beyond salvage


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    3ajabik ya Miss rx, ra7 ekhwat.. This is one of the questions I need to sort out with whoever made me what I am today. Someone will have to pay.
    Taking it on yourself to find out why (randomly blaming someone for it) and making them pay! Like a true rightwing dictator

    In your place i would cry for government aid and claim that i am marginalized by society and distribute hugs....


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    My result but i don't believe it.
    There is no conflict between humanitarianism and right wing