Thawra vs Sultah Mafia game - Day phase 2


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The Thawra woke up in the morning missing one person.
A trail could be seen in the wilderness where a body was dragged.
Mike has fallen dead. Someone has stabbed him with a lamppost.

Mike: Ziad Baroud – You are thawra. Your special role is your short height. You can hide under your desk during the night and avoid being killed. You have Hide x 1. You can use it only once.

Hmm Mike didn't use his role that NP. Too unfortunate.

On the previous DP, the town lynched Isabella.

Isabella: Jad Ghosn – You are thawra. Your special role is Journo. You can investigate someone during the night and know whether they are thawra or sultah, but some results could be misleading.

But wait, that means Sultah won, it's 2 vs 2, so they won?

No, not quite.

One of the Sultah died unexpectedly. Not because of a night role but because of a natural stroke. These things happen. It's not because I want to extend this game. No no.

Muki choked on a cheese burger and had an ailing heart stroke.

Muki: Rabih El Zein – You are Sultah although you pretend to be Thawra. Your special role is that your result shows “Thawra” if you are investigated during the night by the Journo (among the Thawra).

(Sorry @Muki)

We're down to
2 Thawra - 1 Sultah.


@Dr. Strangelove

Day ends 1am Dec 5 (Beirut time) or by lynch.

Player who gets 2/2 votes gets lynched.

To lynch, do VTL <Name> (Make sure it is bold for me to see).

Day Phase Begins


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Dr. Strangelove 2 /2

Dr. Strangelove was lynched. He was thawra.

Sultah Won.

SeaAb was Sultah.