The Central front of Syria - Homs, Hama and Raqqah


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This front has been relatively calmer than the rest.

Most of this area is controlled by SAA, the battle zones here are:

1. North and North East Hama, with Nusra and FSA coming down from Idlib.
If Nusra/FSA manages to break through the defenses in North East Hama (al Ghab plain), then Latakia will face direct danger. Al Ghab plain is naturally protected by a set of hills and mountains which gives a significant advantage for its defender

2. Eastern Hama and Eastern Homs, with ISIS trying to advance small village after small village and checkpoint after checkpoint

3. The road to Palmyra (Tadmor) city, SAA trying to retake the city.

Here is a map:

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    #ولاية_حمص تدمير دبابة بصاروخ ميلان خلال المعارك الدّائرة في منطقة "الدوة"، ولا تزال الإشتباكات مستمرة
    مقاتلو الدولة الإسلامية يدمرون 3 دبابات للنظام ب 3 صواريخ ميلان اغتنموها في حاجزين للنظام غرب تدمر قبل يومين

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    Ban yourself @Jo ....da3eshi scum !!! :eek:
    Don't get excited, and do not forget what we agreed upon: Da3eshits are dead monkeys walking, they came, they saw, they ultimately all die. There can't be dawlat khilafa ruled by middle age monkeys in this part of the world. Everyone will see to that, including the monster raisers and current feeders.
    Promise to remember that, else I'll throw you with my own hands into a GLBT wedding party and lock the door :D


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    Breaking: Syrian Army Captures Muqassem Village in Palmyra

    The Syrian Arab Army’s 67th Brigade of the 18th Tank Division – in coordination with the Tiger Forces and Liwaa Suqour Al-Sahra (Desert Hawks) – have continued their successful offensive in the western countryside of Palmyra, capturing an imperative village on the outskirts of this ancient city.

    Following their swift capture of the Al-Qadri Farms, Palmyra Driving School, and Al-Dawat Hill, the Syrian Armed Forces began to target the imperative village of Muqassem on the outskirts of Palmyra; this proved to be a wise option, as the Syrian Armed Forces took control of the village after a series of firefights on Friday morning.

    Source and more: Breaking: Syrian Army Captures Muqassem Village in Palmyra


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    How can they be advancing towards Homs if the Syrian army is advancing towards Palmyra?

    PS Hameed, please feel free to dislike. Your obsession is funny
    I will explain when i am home on my laptop.

    In the meantime:

    SAA pounding ISIS positions near Palmyra.