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"The Dictatorship of No Alternatives"

You cannot object to that on principle without being led to object to your belief about the Quran. Re-read the above paragraph while replacing 'Jesus' with 'Quran', 'himself' with 'itself', 'he' with 'it', and 'human form' with 'book form' and you shall get it.
word with God, God is the word, he was with God, Jesus is the word, Jesus is God ?! <= why would God need 3 elements ? Allah, the word of Allah, Jesus but Allah is the word, Jesus is Allah, Jesus is the Word, Allah with jesus ? [email protected]#%#$%#@#$2??????

Dude, focus, focus !! OK !!
If everything started with jesus, what was the use of Adam, Eve, Noa, Moses, Abraham etc ...?
Jesus, Mohammad, Moses etc ... nothing but messengers to tell the word of Allah to his creations,
whom Allah made higher on the top of all Allah's creations and gave them enough power to test them for " right and wrong "

Every period of time humans reach a high level of blasphemy and crime due to their lack of knowledge about life, Allah sends a messenger.
Jesus was sent by Allah also at a given period of time, where humans were doing more wrong than right.
Allah chose Mariam who protected her virginity and wasn't a feminist who replied to every word: "I do what I want"
like the women of her time, and Allah put in her a child (jesus) to show Allah's miracle to the non-believers and defy them
to replicate what Allah did and Allah allowed jesus to speak his mother's people from her womb which is a second miracle

Jesus didn't do the miracles from his own physical human abilities, else he would been like any regular man. it was Allah who
made these miracles happen, Just like when Allah told Moses the pole from his hand and turned it in to a snake. it wasn't Moses
doing it

and in short, the word of Allah in different periods of time, is the advice by which humans can achieve progress, positive progress because progress can also be negative,
like the nuclear bomb