The French Initiative [BREAKING: Mikati's New Government]

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Aoun fought everyone but it came down head to head with Berri where he gave him a knockout

Bassil thought he’s more valuable to HA that Berri is.. what a fool really


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le ma2hour enta w brre?

ma2hour 3a chou?
l balad ra7… arent you here dont u see?
1 year mafe gov. w iza a5adet 1/3+1
interior health and economy mikati
telecoms franjiyeh
labor and agriculture
and public works and finance shia duo
wle 2elak 3ein te7ke?? hayde government u give everything to m8?

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You still need capital control to give the flow of capital some legal structure and framework. No?
they’ll write up some vague texts in parliament if needed but seeing how things have been progressing for the past years just a gvt decree will be enough, nobody’s gonna challenge it


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Berri won because- as I’ve said repeatedly stated here- good has no power over evil.

You can’t defeat entities like Hezbollah by being squeaky clean. You need to be worse than the devil himself, something Tayyar is sadly not capable of doing.

Rest assured, there’s still hope!

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So the interior ministry went to the Sunnis, and the finance ministry to the Shiites.
No one got a blocking third.

After 10 months of deadlock and stubborness, Aoun achieved none of his objectives. He only stalled government formation and prolonged people's suffering.

Another Ahd achievement.
it took HA to give Basil kilemten, 7att danabo bein ijre and he agreed.


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adde 3am to2bad ha2 el na2le 3al post @Mrsrx ?
fi kam post b khossoune
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