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The government are adding 22 new taxes to fund the National Budget


Master Penguin
Before you read this, not that the source is Lebanon24 and usually i do not trust this site very much as they are known in spreading false news.

So, in order to fund the National Budget, the government is putting additional taxes that will mainly affect the private sector.

Here are a few mentioned in the article:
  1. Increasing TVA from 10% to 11%,
  2. Increasing the price of stamps on phone bills to 2500 LBP
  3. Increasing the price of stamps on judicial records from 2,000 LBP to 4,000 LBP
  4. Increasing the price of stamps on receipts from 100 LBP to 250 LBP
  5. Doubling the fees of public notaries
  6. Increasing taxes on cement production
  7. Modifying taxes on income and revenues from 15% to 17%
  8. Increasing taxes on alcohol
  9. Adding a 1.5% tax on construction licenses
  10. Enforcing taxes on passengers leaving the country, whether through land or sea or air
In fact, that last tax will also be proportional to your travel class. For anyone traveling more than 1250km to their final destination, a tax will be enforced as follows:
  • 75,000 LBP for every passenger in economy class,
  • 110,000 LBP for every passenger in business class,
  • 150,000 LBP for every passenger in first class,
  • 400,000 LBP for every passenger in a private plane.
Source: http://www.lebanon24.com/articles/1489248986806550100/ and Lebanon’s Government Is Adding 22 Taxes To Fund The National Budget, Politicians Are Keeping Their Salaries & Benefits Unchanged | A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares