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The Hizbollah حزب الله‎ Official Thread (News, Updates and General Discussions)


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The timing is weird just one hour before the intervention of SHN.

Nevertheless Israel is very likely behind the explosion in the port. The nitrate ammonium were brought to Beirut port in a so complex operation, that it couldn't be the work of 3okab Saqr or the Munshar intelligence services of Sudi Arabia.


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Live with it but Israelis were very very likely behind bringing explosives to Beirut port and exploding them last month. And all we could hear was blaming HA.

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Do you think Trump may tell him to start a war before the American elections?

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No but don't you think what he said is plausible?

It is a dilapidated building. There is really nothing there. You can go there by yourself this night. You can even peep into the building through the fence. I have relatives who live in Jnah. And this isnt the only dilapidated building. Some are used by mechanics as garage to repair vehicles.

It looks like Netanyahu's Lebanese informants are doing a bad job to get paid.