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The Hizbollah حزب الله‎ Official Thread (News, Updates and General Discussions)


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It is a dilapidated building. There is really nothing there. You can go there by yourself this night. You can even peep into the building through the fence. I have relatives who live in Jnah. And this isnt the only dilapidated building. Some are used by mechanics as garage to repair vehicles.

It looks like Netanyahu's Lebanese informants are doing a bad job to get paid.
Bibayen 3lek l building mn Berlin?


wouldnt shock me at all if he's right. anyone here still doubts HA hides weapons among civilians?


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Lets follow on this here.

SHN live is calling the Lebanese medias reporters to go now to check the 3 locations. They will be offered to get inside the 3 locales indicated by Netankhara.

Last time, your sworn enemy GB went there with reporters and defended you in Geneva in front of the world - just like Nabih Berri did during the 2006 according to wikileaks.

But i guess you guys are burning this bridge now.


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Exactly. Usually they just called the Israelis liars.

The reason for doing a site tour was not a change in approach.

The spokesman who led journalists explained that had this allegation been from an IDF commander, they would normally ignore. But it is from the highest post in Israehell making a false accusation of munitions stockpiles in a upper class residential district. Last year, Netanyahu made the same lie with his maps. Basil took journalists to the site. And Netanyahu was addressing the UNGA. So it was not just an ordinary lie. It was a lie to the world. So Netanyahu has been exposed to the world as a liar.


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An agreement that is a sham right from the day of its inception:
de7ek 3al 3alam, a piece of paper that did nothing except making Aoun President basically.