The Iraq of Saddam Hussein


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lately i enjoying watching old documentaries about Iraq in the era of Saddam Hossein.
not because i am a fan of the guy :D ... but i am sure that understanding it is the key to understand the levant politics .. Syria al Assad strategy was entirely built out of fear of saddam and Not israel as they claim . his long war against iran and later against khaliji's kuwait and saudi .. and the after saddam that lead tothe caos ..
and the rise f islamism in iraq and syria and later the caos in syria .. its a keyrole to understand geopolitics of the middle east ..

lets post documents , articles, videos related to the topic


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Team Hafez el Assad.
ahaha definitely not me... i am more team saddam in this game :D

i actually believe that saddam instead of kuwait he should have invaded damascus to wipe out Assad .
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Very interesting about the iraqi national football team under Uday (his son)