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The Lebanese Christians Curse: their leaders Mediocrity

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The issue with Maronites in general is that they think they are very different and better from even other minorities while in truth they are not much different and have same mentality as the rest!

The issues being expressed here in the thread are the same issues others have in the region!
We as Muslim of this region if not the world are also having leadership issues among others...

The truth is with minorities being strengthened against the majorities in the region after so called World War I is one of our main problem today!
For example the "golden age" of Maronite rule in Lebanon didn't last long exactly because in any region where you don't have at least a satisfied or happy majority then there will hardly be any stability !

The European colonial powers are still meddling and playing around this and every time they do they make it even worse for all of us whether we are minorities or a majority!
chehab built the whole state institutions in 5 years and was brought down by other power hungry maronites.

hariri destroyed the state’s finance and his inherited legacy was brought down by shiites who were power & money hungry and destroyed whatever was left of the state institutions for their greed.
jumblatis will always be a parasite.

chehab > maronites > allah > muslims > jumblatis
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