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The Most Respectful Lebanese Rock Production Ever

DJ Beavis

DJ Beavis

Active Member
Back in the year 1984, days of war, there was a band from AUB, they called themselves D&D, Dany & Demetrey, they used to rock ! I remember I was 10 years old that time, they released a song called "Dina Tonight" they had no studio no sequencers, no multi track recording, just simple equipments with a DAT recorder, they recorded this song and they sent it to Radio One, and The Station played for over 4 years, and it was one of the most wanted songs in Lebanon, and nowadays we call it a CLASSIC...you people should listen to this song, I uploaded it for you, but sorry about the quality, it was recorded on a tape, and that's the best quality that is left of this amazing song, the guys after that traveled to the states, and Dany is a computer engineer now, and dimetrey (The guitarist) is working in advertising and they quit music...too bad :frown:

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  • Nino


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    Nice !! old topic i wish that i can download that song


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    Well hello there.
    I've been also searching for this song a long time. But I cannot find it