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I'll be more than happy to donate blood but I don't live in Lebanon! Anyway if I happen to be in lebanon one day and someone needed my help, my blood type is



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مستشفى الجعيتاوي في حاجةٍ ماسةٍ إلى دم من فئة
الرجاء الاتصال على الرقم: 70-451674


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If I had jaundice (sfayra) when I was a kid, can I donate?


أكبر من أن يُبلعْ وأصغر من أن يقسّم
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We need urgently B+ for Wednesday @ Getawi Hospital, for one of our Forum member.
Please contact me if any volunteer,

Thank you in advance.


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Urgent A+ Blood is needed for the patient Anthony Nassar at Hotel Dieu Hosoital.
For more info, call 03 023839


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I donate (on volunteer basis) every 4 months fo rthe Lebanese Cross - Blood Center in Antelias. So i may not be able to donate always, since i am a frequent donor.


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Urgent AB+ Blood is needed for the patient Michel Bou Assaf at El-Khoury Hospital - Zahle.
For more info, call 08-807000

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ana O+ , like the majority :tongue:
bas i can donate anytime because i live in bourj hammoud/dawra so i am close to everything , and now i work in jbeil in case they needed blood over there :tongue: , the man who will have some of my blood is indeed a lucky man :tongue: